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Water Technique on location

Music festivals

Music festivals have become an inseparable part of modern summers. However this often involves large numbers of people in locations that are often unequipped to handle such masses. Years of experience have made WTL an important factor in realising festivals the way you want them to be. The quality and quantity of both catering and sanitary facilities have become increasingly important over the years, particularly in multiday events.

Both organisers and visitors have raised their expectations concerning on-site facilities. WTL can realise your on-site requirements, including both drinking water and waste water disposal, providing a range of services from temporary extensions of the existing water supply system to extra large water containers where there is no existing system. We have extensive experience ranging from small festivals with a few hundred visitors to the some of the largest festivals in Europe which attract tens of thousands of visitors, including Pinkpop, Awakenings, Emporium, Zwarte Cross and Bevrijdingspop.

For more information about our temporary water facilities for festivals, please feel free to contact us without any further obligations.