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Water Technique on location

Government agencies

Clean reliable drinking water is often taken for granted in society. Most people do not often realize the steps undertaken to ensure that clean and safe drinking water pours out of the tap.

But suppose something goes wrong in one of these steps, meaning clean and safe water can no longer be assured. What happens then?

In such an emergency, different government agencies might prepare step-by-step plans to deal with such a situation. But often a temporary solution may be needed so that the supply of clean water is secured quickly while a long-term solution is realised.

Water Technique on Location, better known as WTL, is a company that offers temporary as well as long term solutions for both clean water and sewage challenges. WTL both sells and rents water-purification systems, water-buffers and sanitary appliances. WTL realises your project´s customised water and sewage solution on any location imaginable.

WTL has a proven record for providing quick and effective temporary services. For example, WTL provided an emergency service during the Legionella outbreak in an asylum seekers shelter in Doorn in 2009. While the local water company was treating the outbreak, WTL provided the temporary facilities to secure the shelter´s water supply.

For more information about our temporary water facilities for emergencies, please feel free to contact us without any further obligations.